Vallø offers products developed by innovative ideas and technologies and manufactured at our own factory. Our latest CNC machines park insures continues accuracy and high quality of finished products. We particularly focus on details to simplify routine handling and optimize the mink farmer’s daily work.

Breeding boxes

Vallø produces standard Danish type breeding boxes with mesh nests as well as Dutch type breeding boxes. The standard design can be changed within specification according to customers’ needs. You can choose panels and mesh in different materials and sizes to achieve the best match of your needs.

Cages for adult minks and other wire mesh details

In cages production quality of wire is the most essential and crucial. Vallø uses exclusively wire mesh produced by Cavatorta™ (Italy) – One of Europe’s leading manufacturer of metal wire and mesh for industrial use and for fur farming in particular. Strength, safety and durability are the main quality characteristics of the products.

Beech sawdust

We produce 100% pure beech sawdust with high absorption and cleaning properties. Vallø has the complete circle of sawdust production, from selecting and buying logs to processing, drying and packing. This gives us possibility to continuously control quality on all stages until we get the best final product.

Metal constructions

Vallø produces galvanized metal consoles for breeding boxes and cages in many standard models. We as well we make customized solutions of consoles according to customer’s drawings.