Cages for adult minks and other wire mesh details

In cages production quality of wire is the most essential and crucial. Vallø uses exclusively wire mesh produced by Cavatorta™ (Italy) – One of Europe’s leading manufacturer of metal wire and mesh for industrial use and for fur farming in particular. Strength, safety and durability are the main quality characteristics of the products.

Wire mesh cages for adult minks

Wire mesh cages are available in many varieties and materials depending on customer needs. You can choose materials for the bottom, top and partition walls of the cage. Feeding mesh of stainless steel as an option.

Wire mesh. High-quality material as the basis of products durability

Vallø cooperates for many years with one of the leading manufacturers of wire mesh in Europe. Cavatorta™ (Italy) provides our factory with high-class types of wire and wire mesh so we could confidently guarantee to each customer the highest quality mink boxes and component parts. Specialized wire mesh line Furmesh™ was created by Cavatorta™ to equip fur farms (mink farms in particular). This mesh line is the most appropriate for adult cages and mink boxes’ nests production.