Breeding boxes

Vallø produces standard Danish type breeding boxes with mesh nests as well as Dutch type breeding boxes. The standard design can be changed within specification according to customers’ needs. You can choose panels and mesh in different materials and sizes to achieve the best match of your needs.


Breeding boxes are made in our woodworking plant which is equipped with high precision CNC machines and provides the quality and continuous identity. In design and manufacturing we are focused on high functionality and durability. Mounting holes on all boards and partition walls are pre-drilled on automated equipment to ensure correct mounting of fittings and assembling. This allows to perform installation quickly and accurately. Standard features of Vallø boxes are: stainless steel “smilies” and cage hooks, countersunk furniture screws.

Wire mesh nests for breeding boxes

Nests for minkboxes are made of different wire of different thickness. The main feature of our nests is 90-degree lock which can reliably and securely fix the nest.