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Wire mesh. High-quality material as the basis of products durability

Vallø cooperates for many years with one of the leading manufacturers of wire mesh in Europe. Cavatorta™ (Italy) company provides our factory with high-class types of wire and wire mesh so we could confidently guarantee to each customer the highest quality mink boxes and component parts.
Specialized wire mesh line Furmesh™ was created by Caratorta™ to equip fur farms (mink farms in particular). This mesh line is the most appropriate for adult cages and mink boxes’ nests production.
The manufacturer guarantees that: wires are protected by a thick and adherent protective coating; wires are firmly linked; uniform precise mesh; trimmed edges with no sharp sections.
In cages and nests for minks we use three types of wire mesh by Cavatorta™:

  • stainless steel, (SS)
  • galvanized mesh (coated with Zn and Al alloy), (AZ)
  • green PVC coated galvanized mesh, (PVC coated)


Stainless steel (SS)
The most durable material for mink cages and nests. The steel we use in stainless cages is of type AISI 304L
Steel wire mesh is available in three thicknesses.
Wire diameter: 1.60 mm / 2.05 mm / 2.45 mm
AluZinc (AZ)
Galvatec® technology by Cavatorta™ provides high quality wire coating which is absolutely uniform and smooth.
The protective coating obtained with a zinc (90%) and aluminum (10%) alloy gives the final product excellent corrosion resistance and an effective cathodic protection in correspondence of cuts and abrasions.
AluZink is available in three thicknesses.
Wire diameter: 1.75 mm / 2.05 mm / 2.45 mm
Green PVC coated galvanized mesh (PVC green)
The Galvaplax® process guarantees exceptional protection of the base wire thanks to the combination of galvanization, primer and PVC. The wire is galvanized, then coated with primer which ensures absolute adherence with PVC and covered with PVC.
Galvaplax® PVC coating is highly flexible, low temperatures, chemicals and even salt water resistant. Spot PVC coating damage does not cause delamination of plastic.
The PVC powders used in Galvaplax® process do not contain heavy metals such as cadmium and lead because they are dangerous for workers and for animals.
Under normal operating conditions, the performance of wires plastic-coated with Galvaplax® process are guaranteed for over 10 years against corrosion.
Wire diameter: 1.6/2.2 mm