Beech sadust, bag 15 kg
Beech sawdust

Beech sawdust

We produce 100% pure beech sawdust with high absorption and cleaning properties.

Vallø has the complete circle of sawdust production, from selecting and buying logs to processing, drying and packing. This gives us possibility to continuously control quality on all stages until we get the best final product.


High-quality beech sawdust – high pelting results!

Beech sawdust in the initial pelting process is an essential consumable. The beech sawdust of high cleaning capacity affects the outcome of pelts purification.

With beech sawdust  produced by Vallø you get many significant advantages:

  • 100 % pure beech sawdust;
  • FSC certified materials;
  • low water content, high absorption;
  • minimum dust content;
  • excellent flowability;
  • high cleaning capacity.

We offer 3 options for packaging beech sawdust:

Vallø beech sadust, bag 15 kg

Pallet: 42 bags, 630 kg

Truck:  32 pallets, 20160 kg

Vallø beech sadust, “Big bag” 400 kg

Pallet: 2 “Big bags”, 800 kg

Truck: 26 pallets, 20800 kg

Vallø beech sadust, “Big bag” 800 kg

Pallet: 1 “Big bag”, 800 kg

Truck: 26 pallets, 20800 kg