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Bringing business intelligence to breeding

Kopenhagen Fur has heightened the quality of fur skins through years of commitment to business intelligence, where farmers and feed producers gain access to a wide range of up-to-date information on nutrition, genetics and pricing. Consequently, this has also improved the profitability of the individual farms.

Fur farmers have access to a large knowledge database that can be used for analysis to improve the production. Data across the production chain, from breeding and feeding to final auction sale prices is registered so the individual farmer can compare his own figures versus overall production. Along with special computer software that allows them to analyse which steps to take to improve their livestock.

Currently, a key area of research and development is individual feeding. Since the ability to digest and absorb feed varies from animal to animal, individual feeding helps identify the feed efficiency. This optimises feed consumption whilst reducing costs. A recent breakthrough within genetic research at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at Åarhus University has opened up possibilities of selecting for feed efficiency in breeding. The model is incorporated in Kopenhagen Fur’s new breeding and management programme FurFarm Web, which is a supporting tool for the daily work out on the farms.

Another area that benefits from modern technology is the pelting process. Nowadays, the process is carried out by something which proved to be much more efficient than humans. Namely computer-operated robots. Surprisingly, these robots improve the fur skin quality, as well as the working environment – since they have taken on the toughest jobs on the fur farms.